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problem intro: Dead Island game crashes once save file exceeds certain file size. Files are archives, but with .sav extension rather than .zip. I want to make a script that will loop through *.sav files, copy them to another location with same file name, but as *.zip, then extract them, check extracted file size, and alert me if file size exceeds the limit.

So far, I got this:

setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion
FOR %%i IN ("D:\Games\Dead Island\out\save\"*.sav) DO (
set str=
set str=!str!%%i
set str=!str:.sav=.zip!
echo !str!
copy %%i !str!

for some reason bat files have problems assigning values to variables within FOR loops, so I found a solution to use delayedexpansion.

but currently my biggest problem is that it just wont copy save_1.sav to another location with name save_1.zip!

once I get past this, I will dive into 7zip unpacking and file size verification (along with all other stuff needed), but this is just frustrating :) maybe I should just do this in python...

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If you want to change the file extension of something, you can use %%~n<variable> to get the stem, like so (taken from one of my batch files):

FOR %%f IN (*.ebr) DO (
    hcsg -c %%f %%~nf.cg1
    hbsp -c %%~nf.cg1 nohints %%~nf.ct1
    hportal -c %%~nf.ct1 %%~nf.cp
    hflood -c %%~nf.ct1 %%~nf.cp %%~nf.cg2
    hbsp -c %%~nf.cg2 nohints %%~nf.ct2

This might be useful:


In your case, I guess you could just do something like:

FOR %%f IN (*.sav) DO (
    copy %%f %%~nf.zip

(Just tested this at the command line -- where you use % instead of %% if you want to try it -- and it works.)

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worked like a charm once I enclosed both paths in quotemarks.thank you very much. –  ch1zra Dec 14 '11 at 14:49
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