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I have a some code here and I with this code render external page (similar to iframe) but I got a source code. But when I start my code all is good but one window is showing there and I can't to close his to see contents. Here is the code:


$url = '';

$data = file_get_contents($url);

$data = '<head><base href='.$url.' target="_blank" /></head>'.$data;

echo $data;


and this generate a good HTML page but to close window I need also to get all scripts with this bookmarklet :

javascript: (function(){
    s = document.getElementsByTagName('SCRIPT');
    tx = '';
    sr = [];
    for (i = 0; i < s.length; i++) {
        with (s.item(i)) {
            t = text;
            if (t) {
                tx += t;
            else {
    with ( {
        document.write('<textarea%20id="t">' + (sr.join("\n")) + "\n\n-----\n\n" + tx + '</textarea><script%20src=""></script><script>with(document.getElementById("t")){value=js_beautify(value);with(style){width="99%";height="99%";borderStyle="none";}};</script>');

but how to implement this in my code above... ??? please HELP!

here is the demo of first (only php code)

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Try to get all content with (and script offcource) instead your solution with;

$site = fopen('', 'r');
$store = 'store.php';
$stream__ = stream_get_contents($site, -1);

file_put_contents($store, $stream__, LOCK_EX);
$check = file_get_contents($store);

# var_dump($check); print_r($check); var_export($check); 
# or simple... 

echo $check;
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No, its not the good solution I think... – ddd Dec 14 '11 at 0:49

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