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My Blackberry Webworks application is having problem opening a remote page when testing it in a Blackberry simulator (Tried 9630-Verizon, 9700-ATT, 9860-Asia). Each time I try to open a remote page in my webworks application, the application will freeze and after a while i get a white screen with the error App Error 104 Uncaught: InterruptedIOException and when I click continue a message dialog comes up with the message Local Connection timed out after ~ 120000. If i open that same URL in the simulator's browser, it opens straight away. What I don't know is why it's not opening in the webworks application.

Now, the funniest part is, if I load the same webworks application into my blackberry device, it works perfectly. It opens the remote page straight away. I don't know why its not working in a simulator.

I have the config.xml file configured properly with the remote url set in the access element <access uri="http://sample-remote-server.com/" subdomains="true" />

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Was able to fix the problem. For future reference, the problem was, I wasn't running MDS so the Blackberry simulator couldn't simulate data service.

To fix the problem, I just navigated to the mds folder in my Blackberry Webworks path usually at \Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Webworks SDK\mds and clicked on run.bat and MDS Server will be up and running.

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i am currently using Ripple beta with the simulator, and they're both a little buggy.

when you first launch your widget the emulator loads properly and the mds is started. however, upon closing the emulator (resetting crashes it) and re-opening, which must be done manually because ripple doesn't if you choose "Package & Launch", the mds was not restarted and my requests were never answered.

this caused a lot of frustration until i saw your post and executed run.bat, which allowed the service to respond to my request.

thanks user431949

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