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I have a web project in which I have a different folder for holding jsps, Web-Inf folder structure and the css. The folder name is called WebRoot. When I deploy the project through eclipse (no matter what server I am using), it will deploy a war file with an empty WebContent folder(means there are no jsps, css files and configuration files) it leaves the WebContent folder empty cause everything is in WebRoots folder and that's why, after the deployment, when I hit the browser, I am always looking at the error called 404 Not Found...

How to tell Eclipse to load the contents of the WebRoot folder in WebContent folder? Is their a way? If there are any, please explain them.


Should I change the folder of these file's but then there are many different configuration file's which off I am unaware and I have to change the whole in thing their as well.

JFYGI(Just For Your General Information) I am using SpringMVC framework.

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Close your project and replace WebContent with WebRoot in the following files

./settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component ./settings/.jsdtscope

of course if you find another files replace it there too. E.g.:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project-modules id="moduleCoreId" project-version="1.5.0">
    <wb-module deploy-name="eclipse-test2">
        <wb-resource deploy-path="/" source-path="/WebRoot" tag="defaultRootSource"/>
        <wb-resource deploy-path="/WEB-INF/classes" source-path="/src"/>
        <property name="context-root" value="eclipse-test2"/>
        <property name="java-output-path" value="/eclipse-test2/build/classes"/>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <classpathentry kind="src" path="WebRoot"/>
    <classpathentry kind="con" path="org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.launching.JRE_CONTAINER"/>
    <classpathentry kind="con" path="org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.launching.WebProject">
            <attribute name="hide" value="true"/>
    <classpathentry kind="con" path="org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.launching.baseBrowserLibrary"/>
    <classpathentry kind="output" path=""/>

on the other hand I would recomment to use the standard folder names if you can, it just makes life easier on the long term.

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Look at org.eclipse.wst.common.component file in .settings directory and wb-resource elements:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project-modules id="moduleCoreId" project-version="1.5.0">
    <wb-module deploy-name="springonly-starter">
      <wb-resource deploy-path="/" source-path="/WebRoot"/>

Look at my spring-starter project that using Maven and need to set source-path to src/main/webapp. You need to set that to /WebRoot i think so.

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