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I have a workflow defined on entity A as the primary entity. A is related to Entity B(1:1) which in turn is related to entity C(1:1) In the web workflow designer's "Set properties" dialog I can bind to properties of B since it is directly related to B. Is it possible to bind to properties of C using the Form Assistant?

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In short. No; unfortunately. In the workflow designer that you use within CRM, you can jump across to a related entities attributes ie Entity B in your example. However you can go no further.

If you need to do something with Entity C you will need to code a Workflow Assembly that takes the values you want as input parameters and then in the code programmatically update entity C.

Msdn Article here

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Just as I thought. Thanks for confirming. –  Abhijeet Patel Dec 15 '11 at 2:31

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