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I'm trying to register an externally hosted SQL 2000 server through Enterprise Manager which isn't on the default port and I can't see anywhere to change it within Enterprise Manager.

So, the question is, how do I connect to the database if:

I.P Address is 123.456.789 (example)

Port is 1334

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Both Rob and Denny Were correct however I still couldn't access the SQL 2000 Server as we had to open port 1334 on our firewall to allow access to the external server.

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I found this via Google:

You add a comma and the port number to the end of the server name.

So if you want to connect to on port 3821, you type...,3821

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Rob is correct - I have a SQL 2000 server running on the non-default port on a different instance name and the way I access it is like this:

[ip or dns name]\[instance], [port]

example:\MSSQLSERVER2, 12345

You don't need \\[instance] if you used the default sql server instance when you installed.

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