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From a MySQL table holding records of quotations and their authors (with corresponding unique IDs), I want to select a random record. Simple.

Imagine, though, that I have 100 quotes from Shakespeare and only 10 each from other authors.

Without using arbitrary weighting, how can I get a random author_id, then pull a random quote_id which has that author_id?

(I did this in MSSQL, but am new to MySQL and couldn't find any similar case of Random from Random.) (Note: This is a relatively small table, so Order by RAND() is fine.)

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You have to do this, it should pick one author at random and then from that authors quotes pick one at random.

select quotes.* 
  from quotes, 
       (select author 
          from quotes 
         group by author 
         order by rand() 
         limit 1) random_author 
 where quotes.author=random_author.author 
 order by rand() limit 1;

Ps, best solution might be to normalize this data into two tables, one for authors and one for quotes.

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You could first select a random author from a distinct list of authors and assign it to a variable @randomAuthor. This gives you an even distribution. Afterwards, simply select a quote from that author. This is probably not the most efficient way to do it, but at least it'll work.

SET @randomAuthor
      = (SELECT DISTINCT author_id
           FROM quotes
           ORDER BY RAND()
           LIMIT 1);

SELECT quote_id
  FROM quotes
  WHERE author_id = @randomAuthor
  LIMIT 1;
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Also a good answer. I'd upvote if I had the rep. – JDV Dec 15 '11 at 8:46

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