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My Jenkins job is a Matrix build that should run on build machines labeled AAA and BBB. I have three build machines set up, each having label AAA and BBB. However, when I start the build job, the job does not execute. Instead, it goes to "pending - Waiting for next available executor" state. Why does not my job execute?

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Check the slave node configuration. "Usage" field should be "Utilize this slave as much as possible" instead of "Leave this machine for tied jobs only".

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Saved me a day! Thanks! – tsps May 31 '13 at 8:28
Also make sure #no of executers > 0 (openshift it defalts to zero) – PedroMorgan Feb 23 '15 at 21:04

Go to Manage Jenking -> Configure System and increase the number of executor from 0 to 1

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Try using Elastic Axis plugin.
Afer installing it, in the multi configuration job you can find new axis added as Elastic axis. You just need to provide the label of the node. The job is built on all the nodes with that label. There is a check box provided to skip the nodes that are offline.

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