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I have no idea what happened. One second n would search forward and N would search backwards and the next, n would search backwards and N would search forward.

What could I have possibly done, and how I can I revert back to the normal scheme.

(Note: I made sure that caps locks wasn't on =P )

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When you start your search command with / (search forward command) then n searches forward and N searches backwards. And when you start with ? (backward search) then n search backwards and N search forward. See :help n and :help N.

You can consider n as a shorthand for a "next matching of the last search in the same direction". N has "opposite" meaning, it is common case for Vim one-key moving commands (w and W, f and F etc.)

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After doing a reverse search, with ? rather than /, n will repeat the reverse search and N will search forward.

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