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Is it possible to have several Checkstyle reports in one configuration?

Let's say I want to check the code with one set of rules, and tests - with another. After that I have two xml-reports but only one Publish Checkstyle analysis results is available.

Am I missing something or it is just impossible to do?

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When you tick the Publish Checkstyle analysis results checkbox, a text input box should appear. Assuming that you have, for example, target/checkstyle-code.xml and target/checkstyle-tests.xml files as the result of your two separate Checkstyle runs, then you can enter target/checkstyle-*.xml and the results from both of your Checkstyle results will be aggregated into one Jenkins report.

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Oh, cool! Thank you –  zerkms Dec 14 '11 at 19:04
is there a possibility to not aggregate those results into 1 checkstyle graph, but have 2 checkstyle graphs - one for each checkstyle-xml-files? i have got a checkstyle-php.xml and a checkstyle-javascript.xml and would prefer to be able to visualize each separately. –  mostwanted Feb 23 at 22:04

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