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i have two entries in my database

sqlite> select *from courses;
1|ME|273|Statics|MWF|02:20 pm-03:20 pm|James M. Pitarresi|LH 002
2|CS|328|Internet|TR|02:20 pm-03:20 pm|Steflik|eb 23

and i have following code but it does only show first entry in my database

   -(NSMutableArray *) getCourses
         courses = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
         FMDatabase *db = [FMDatabase databaseWithPath:[Utility getDatabasePath]];
        [db open];  
        FMResultSet *results = [db executeQuery:@"SELECT * FROM courses"];

        if ([db hadError]) {
            NSLog(@"DB Error %d: %@", [db lastErrorCode], [db lastErrorMessage]);

        while([results next]) 
            [courses addObject:[results stringForColumn:@"Subject"]];
            [courses addObject:[results stringForColumn:@"Course_Number"]];                
            [courses addObject:[results stringForColumn:@"Course_Title"]];                
            [courses addObject:[results stringForColumn:@"Days"]];               
            [courses addObject:[results stringForColumn:@"Time"]];            
            [courses addObject:[results stringForColumn:@"Instructor"]];                
            [courses addObject:[results stringForColumn:@"Location"]];  


        NSLog(@"loop %@ ",courses);

        [results close];
        [db close];

        return courses; 


my output is, it doesnt show second entry

loop (
    "02:20 pm-03:20 pm",
    "James M. Pitarresi",
    "LH 002"

any ideas why this happens?

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i dont know why but when i change the database name or create a new database problem solved

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