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suppose I have a remote repository (git@server:project.git) with following structure:


And then I created a local repository in directory ~/myproject/test using git init; git add . ; git commit -m "init check in ". I want to push this local repository to the remote repository as a sub-directory testparalleled with client and server , that is


I wish all the check-in history in the local could be kept in the remote repository . Is there any way to achieve this? Thanks!

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The usual solution is to use a subtree merge strategy.

See "Git subtree merge strategy, possible without merging history?" for the details.

One other solution would be to declare your local repo as a submodule of your remote repo.

For that, you would need:

  • to push your local repo as an independent repo on your remote server
  • to clone git@server:project.git locally
  • add git@server:test.git as a submodule

But if your test files are closely linked to your project, that is probably not the best solution.

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Previous answers did not work for me (needed more details : Git beginner here ;-), whereas did it perfectly with a step-by-step approach. It also explains both methods to merge / discard history.

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