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I have Statistic table with these fields Id UserId DateStamp Data Also there is User table in database which has CreditsLeft(int) field. I need to create function(let's name it FindNewRecordsAndUpdate) which will read Statistic table every 10 minutes from my application and decrease CreditLeft field by number of new Statistic records found for specified user. My main concern is when I execute FindNewRecordsAndUpdate function next time how to find new records in Statistic field and skip already counted ones? I could add Counted(bool) field in Statistic and set True for already "used" records but maybe there is better solution withotu adding new field?

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At least 3 other options:

  1. Use a trigger. So when rows are inserted into the Statistic table, the balance is User is automatically updated

  2. Just do an aggregate on demand over the Statistic table to get the SUM(Data)

  3. Use an indexed view to "pre calculate" the SUM in point 2

Personally, I'd go for point 2 (and point 3 depending on query frequency) to avoid denormalised data in the User table.

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Not sure about point 2, because Statistic table may grow up to 10 millions records. –  Tomas Dec 14 '11 at 8:27
@Tomas: 10 million records is nothing. Remember you'll filter to a given user anyway most likely. But if it becomes too much, you have point 3 anyway –  gbn Dec 14 '11 at 8:41

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