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Im using mysqldatabase and successfully created storedprocedure in it.I want to call that stored procedure in my c# code.But when i'm calling mysqlcommand, timeout property is automatically set to zero.

I read that the default value is 30.I've tried to reset the timeout property in both c# code and in connection string.But I'm getting error as 'Specified method is not supported'.

What is the reason for this?? Is there any problem in having timeout value zero??

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Can you provide your code? The default should be 30 seconds. – Jesus Ramos Dec 14 '11 at 7:43

Have a look at the source code (mysql driver for .net):

#if !CF
        //[Description("Time to wait for command to execute")]
        public override int CommandTimeout
            get { return useDefaultTimeout ? 30 : commandTimeout; }
                if (commandTimeout < 0)
                    throw new ArgumentException("Command timeout must not be negative");

                // Timeout in milliseconds should not exceed maximum for 32 bit
                // signed integer (~24 days), because underlying driver (and streams)
                // use milliseconds expressed ints for timeout values.
                // Hence, truncate the value.
                int timeout = Math.Min(value, Int32.MaxValue / 1000);
                if (timeout != value)
                    "Command timeout value too large ("
                    + value + " seconds). Changed to max. possible value (" 
                    + timeout + " seconds)");
                commandTimeout = timeout;
                useDefaultTimeout = false;
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