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Get twitter Follower in IOS 5

How to access Twitter Account Followers into iphone using iOS5? I am new to iOS5 , can u please suggest with some code or links.

Thanks in Advance Bhaskar

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In IOS5 twitter is intregated.... then No Use Extra frameWork... try this code

- (void)OnTwitter {
        Class TWTweetComposeViewControllerClass = NSClassFromString(@"TWTweetComposeViewController");

            if (TWTweetComposeViewControllerClass != nil) {
                if([TWTweetComposeViewControllerClass respondsToSelector:@selector(canSendTweet)]) {
                    UIViewController *twitterViewController = [[TWTweetComposeViewControllerClass alloc] init];

                    [twitterViewController performSelector:@selector(setInitialText:) 
                    [twitterViewController performSelector:@selector(addURL:) 
                                                withObject:[NSURL URLWithString:url]];

                    [twitterViewController performSelector:@selector(addImage:) 
                    [self presentModalViewController:twitterViewController animated:YES];
                    [twitterViewController release];
        else {
        // Use ShareKit for previous versions of iOS


import the farmeWork in your Class

#import <Twitter/Twitter.h>
 #import <Accounts/Accounts.h>
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You can use this link to find how to access twitter accounts Then you can easily use the API to find the followers

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