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Given the following:
Two polynomials , one of degree m and the other of degree n , and I need show how the multiplication between them is o(n*log(m)), when m<n .

Let's say , A(x) has degree n , and B(x) has degree m.

My felling is the following :

  1. We take the first polynomial , let's call it A(x) , and separate it to m parts , meaning m/n polynomials in the total . This would take o(n).
  2. Take each one of the broken polynomials and multiply it with B(x) using FFT .
  3. We store the result in an array of n+m values .

but from here I don't know how to continue . I'd appreciate your help ,

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Fix your question, you use o instead of O, also if m < n then is m/n == 0 split polynomials, wth? –  chill Dec 14 '11 at 15:11

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See Schönhage–Strassen algorithm for polynomial multiplication using matrices.

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