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I have an issue with routing. I have a link to "new_company_path", but on the website it links to "site/dashboard". When I do a "rake routes" it gives the correct route for the link:

new_company GET  /companies/new(.:format) {:action=>"new", :controller=>"companies"}

This is my "routes.rb":

  match "/companies/:id/users" => "site#company_users", :as => :company_users
  match "/company/:id/companies_user/new" => "companies_users#new"

  resources :companies

  get "site/index"
  get "site/features"
  get "site/dashboard", :as => "dashboard"

  get "users_dashboard/show", :as => "users_dashboard"

  get "login" => "sessions#new", :as => "login" 
  get "logout" => "sessions#destroy", :as => "logout"

Any reason why the link is not correct?

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I can't really see anything wrong with your routes. Can you also add the code from your view where you are adding the link? And as a way of troubleshooting, what is the result if you just add the following in your view: <%= new_company_path %>? –  DanneManne Dec 14 '11 at 8:21
routes look correct. Can it just be redirected to site/dashboard in controller somewhere? –  alony Dec 14 '11 at 8:22
I also think your routes is good, is there has any kind of before_filter on your companies_controller.rb and redirect you to dashboard? if so, try to commit out those before filter and give it a try? –  Daniel Lv Dec 14 '11 at 8:38
Found it, I had this as link: "<%= link_to I18n.t :company_new_title, new_company_path %>", when changed to "<%= link_to I18n.t(:company_new_title), new_company_path %>" the correct link is shown. Really weird behaviour... –  John Dec 14 '11 at 11:14

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