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I have some questions regarding Gigya Social Login, basically revolving around one issue.

I have registered to Gigya with domain X.com and I get API Key X_API_KEY and I registered with another domain Y.com and I get API KEY Y_API_KEY

Now when I login to, say Twitter, from X.com using Gigya's plugin, I get UID as X_Tw_UID. Do I get same UID (X_Tw_UID) when I login to Twitter (with same account) from Y.com ? OR the UID are unique across different domains and different API Keys?

Can I get same UID from Gigya, from different domains but using same API Key for both domains?


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have u implemented any solutions for the above problem? is it possible to share? –  Mehavel Feb 6 '13 at 14:06

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yes you can,

you can use gigya's single sign on:


or.. if you don't have a paying account at gigya you can:

connect to: http://platform.gigya.com create a site at the dashboard, then go to the settings menu there you will see a section called: Approved URLs

just add your second domain as an approved URL inside the first domain. now you will be able to use the same API Key in both domains

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