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I'm currently writing a parser in Scala, where I want to have my whitespace defined as matching on both whitespace, and java styled /* */ comments. I don't need the // part.

Currently I'm using this definition:


I have found most of this definition on this page: http://ostermiller.org/findcomment.html

The problem is that I'm getting a stackoverflow when matching my input. However adjusting my stacksize up to 1 mb fixes the problem. This is unfortunately not a possibility in my production system. So what I'm asking for, is if somebody could help me improve my regular expression?

Help would be much appreciated, since I'm only a novice in the Regex world:)

Thanks in advance.

Regards Stefan.

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Use the normal* ( special normal*) * pattern for comments. You'll need multiline matching.

Here, special is * not followed by a / and normal is anything but *. Unquoted, regexes are

  • special is \*(?!/);
  • normal is [^*].

I don't know scala, but you need to define one var for special, one var for normal, use:


and this will swallow your white spaces without a fear of stack overflow.

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