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I am trying to output a few paragraphs of text in an Excel spreadsheet, but right now the text is truncated to display only 255 characters. The code is pretty straightforward:

$xls =& new Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer();
$sheet =& $xls->addWorksheet($name);

foreach ($rec as $field) {
    $rec = ($rec['data'] ? $rec['data'] : $rec);
    $sheet->write($row, $col++, $field);

Is there anything I can do to get all of the text, not just the 255 chars?

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From a note in the documentation:

$workbook->setVersion(8); // Use Excel97/2000 Format
$worksheet->writeString(0, 0, $str);
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Thanks a ton. Nothing makes me feel dumber than the answer being in the documentation, but I just didn't look hard enough. –  Jergason May 11 '09 at 22:06

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