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(Raphael_2.01, WindowsXP, Firefox3.6)


I want to rotate grouped elements (5 elements). For example, using "set()":

var paper = Raphael("paper");
var set0 = paper.set();
for(var idx=0; idx<5; idx++){

Now I want to move (100, 100) and rotate (30 degrees) set0 by referring to How is set animation done in Raphael?

set0.animate({transform: "t100,100r30"}, 1000);

But it doesn't work. What should I do ?


Crane @ Japan

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I found the solution.

** Derived from http://groups.google.com/group/raphaeljs/browse_thread/thread/d59fea928cbd6322/40ef3c6d1bb8c515

* But this hint isn't strictly correct. Because it lucks the space between '0.5' and cx.

The codes what I get are:

var cX = set0.getBBox().x + set0.getBBox().width/2;
var cY = set0.getBBox().y + set0.getBBox().height/2;
set0.animate({rotation:30 +' '+ cX + ' ' + cY}, 1000, ">"); 
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