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When I start Eclipse, I always see emulator-5554 in the Devices View. If I start an application (in automatic target selection mode), it starts on this emulator, but the emulator doesn't have a window. I have to stop the system.process of the emulator every time after Eclipse startup.

I was playing around with adb from the command line, so probably I caused the issue, but I can't figure out, how. When I restart adb with the commands 'adb kill-server' and 'adb start-server', emulator-5554 starts again, so adb starts it automatically.

I read this document, but I couldn't find any information on emulator automatic startup. Neither a google search on "adb autostart emulator" helped.

How can I keep adb from running this emulator at startup?

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I was having a similar problem with this non existent emulator-5554

try this

adb kill-server
adb reboot
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This problem is long gone for me. It just stopped after a few weeks. But the questions was not how can I stop the device, but how do I stop adb to run it. – Herrbert74 Oct 25 '12 at 13:44
ohh alright . I was having this problem this afternoon , this emulator was there but not added in avds , I came across your question while searching for answer, eventually my problem was solved and I thought it might help you – Sunny Kumar Aditya Oct 25 '12 at 14:11
This did not work for me. But I checked and I did actually still have bluestacks running in the background. killing bluestacks solved the emulator-5554 for me. – SgtPooki Dec 28 '13 at 6:55
This solved the problem for me. Thank you. :-) – iwpSoftware Nov 30 '14 at 14:41

go to task manager- Resource Monitor- in overview tab click Description to see all BlueStack in the sort- kill tree all of them.- OR ANY OTHER EMULATOR LIKE BLUESTACK.

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exactly the same, emulator-5554 was bluestack – matt Jun 10 '14 at 6:19

Had the same problem. WORKED FOR ME!

  1. Open task manager
  2. End any bluestacks processes that appears

Now the problem should be gone.

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