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I have a select statement like

SELECT 'Name' = customer_fname+ ', ' + customer_lname FROM customers

Its output is like:

peter, willson
jenny, Mark

Now, if customer_fname is null, then output will be:

, willson
    , Mark

If customer_lname is null then:


And if both customer_fname and customer_lname are null then only the comma will be displayed.

I want to remove the comma. How do I do this?

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Ordinarily I would suggest using the ISNULL operator. However, as you need to check on both fields, the logic becomes a bit nasty. Therefore, I would suggest using a CASE statement.

    WHEN first_name IS NULL AND last_name IS NULL THEN ''
    WHEN first_name IS NULL AND last_name IS NOT NULL THEN last_name
    WHEN first_name IS NOT NULL AND last_name IS NULL THEN first_name
    ELSE last_name + ', ' + first_name
FROM customers

EDIT For dknaack - an ISNULL solution :)

SELECT ISNULL(last_name + ', ' + first_name, 
               ISNULL(first_name, '')))
FROM Customers
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Thank you.problem solved by using CASE statment –  reshma k Dec 14 '11 at 9:34
@dknaack Please see edit for the ISNULL solution. It's not as readable as the SELECT so I would not recommend it, but it works...! –  RB. Dec 14 '11 at 10:43
@RB nice edit ;) –  dknaack Dec 14 '11 at 10:52

You should use operator CASE and function ISNULL.

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Please use below query: thanks

SELECT 'Name' =  
        (CASE WHEN customer_fname IS NULL OR customer_lname IS NULL THEN (customer_fname + ' ' + customer_lname )
            ELSE customer_fname+ ', ' + customer_lname END)
         FROM customers
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You can use case function in SQL Server:

SELECT 'Name' = customer_fname+ case when customer_fname is not null then ','  + customer_lname FROM customers
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careful with NULL values with [+] operator : unless you set the database parameter CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL to OFF,

NULL+'any non null string' returns NULL, not empty string

SELECT ISNULL(customer_fname,'')+ ISNULL(', '+ customer_lname,'') [Name]
FROM customers
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