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i am developing a game, in this game i have Chain. chains One side is Static and another is dynamic. and chain is moving in chain move,dynamic part get exten and looks like a curve. chain length is Fix. So how can i set fix Length and curve in it.

Refer me Which Joint i have to Use. i am trying RopeJoint but i get error in b2RopeJointDef jd;

can some one send me sample code.

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b2RopeJointDef jd; jd.bodyA=anchorBody; //define bodies jd.bodyB=body; jd.localAnchorA = b2Vec2(0,0); //define anchors jd.localAnchorB = b2Vec2(0,0); // jd.maxLength= (body->GetPosition() - anchorBody->GetPosition()).Length(); //define max length of joint = current distance between bodies world->CreateJoint(&jd); //create joint – triveni Dec 14 '11 at 10:13
You can use rope joint and use code like this..

b2RopeJointDef rp;
rp.bodyA=dragonFlyAnchor; //define bodies
rp.localAnchorA = b2Vec2(0,0); //define anchors
rp.localAnchorB = b2Vec2(0,0);
rp.maxLength=((foodItemBody->GetPosition()) - dragonFlyAnchor->GetPosition() ).Length(); //define max length of joint = current distance between bodies
world->CreateJoint(&rp); //create joint
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+1 The b2DistanceJoint did the Job for me. But thx anyway – Oleg Hein Jul 5 '13 at 22:26

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