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Is it possible to order result rows by a varchar column cast to an integer in Postgres?

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It absolutely is.

ORDER BY my_varchar_col::int

Be sure to have valid integer values in your column or you will end up with an exception. (Leading and trailing white space is ok - it will be trimmed automatically.)

How to avoid exception?

To delete any non-digit characters before the cast and thereby avoid possible exceptions:

ORDER BY NULLIF(regexp_replace(my_varchar_col, E'\\D', '', 'g'), '')::int
  • \D is shorthand for the character class [^[:digit:]]

  • E'\\D' is proper syntax for escape strings. This is probably not necessary in version 8.3, but you may consider upgrading to a more recent version.

  • I use the 4th parameter g for "globally", instructing to replace all occurrences.

  • regexp_replace() replaces all non-digits with nothing, so the rest can only be valid for the cast or empty.

  • If the the string has no digits at all, the result is an empty string which is not valid for a cast to integer, so I convert that to NULL. (You might consider 0 instead.)

The result is guaranteed to be valid. This procedure is for a cast to integer as requested in the body of the question, not for numeric as the title mentions.

How to make it fast?

Referring to below comments. One way is an index on an expression. (Link to manual for version 8.3.)

CREATE INDEX tbl_varchar_col2int_idx ON tbl
(cast(NULLIF(regexp_replace(my_varchar_col, E'\\D', '', 'g'), '') AS integer));

Then use the same expression in the ORDER BY clause:

cast(NULLIF(regexp_replace(my_varchar_col, E'\\D', '', 'g'), '') AS integer)

Test! Use EXPLAIN ANALYZE to see if the functional index actually gets used.

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Any way to avoid that exception? :) –  Jauzsika Dec 14 '11 at 10:02
@Jauzsika: you will have to define first what the result should be for non-integer values. Sort last? Or delete any non-digit characters before the cast? –  Erwin Brandstetter Dec 14 '11 at 10:04
Thanks for the exception part. That regexp looks slow, am I right? –  Jauzsika Dec 14 '11 at 10:29
@Jauzsika: Definitely slower than the plain cast, but not that much. The fact that you have to compute the values at all is the major slow-down here. If you want fast, either convert the column in the table to integer, or add a redundant column that holds the pre-computed integer. Then you can index the column, which will make it a lot faster (provided the query is simple and the index can be used for the sort). Or use an index on an expression. I amended my answer. –  Erwin Brandstetter Dec 14 '11 at 10:55
Thanks for the exhausting training :)). –  Jauzsika Dec 14 '11 at 11:18

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