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I have lots of variables called allow_xxx where xxx is a feature.

I would like to create a variable inside my makefile with all values that are allowed.

This is what I try to do:

allow_feat1 := 1
allow_feat2 := 1
allow_feat3 := 1
list_features := feat1 feat2 feat3

allowed := $(foreach V, $(list_features), $(ifeq ($(allow_$V),1),$V))

This does not work... Any idea how to do this properly?

Thanks !

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There is no such thing as the ifeq function, it is only a conditional directive. Use if and filter instead:

allowed := $(foreach V, $(list_features), $(if $(filter 1,$(allow_$V)),$V))
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Thanks, exactly what I needed. Now I learned what a function is in Makefile. –  user1021979 Dec 14 '11 at 13:15

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