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Is there a way to do foreach value do something in sql server 2008.

I have a table variable that holds some IDs and i have to some more tasks based on the values.

The table vairable is as follows:

declare @InspectionIDTable table(InspectionID uniqueidentifier not null)

based on the values in this table i need to loop and run some select statements. based on the result i have to populate other table variables and do some more processing.

basically, i required foreach in sql server that can have nested foreach. Is there a clean apporach to do this.

Also, i would like to know whether it is a good approach to do this in Stored Procedure from programming point of view.

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You could write a stored procedure and open a cursor on your "resultset"


Anyway you should avoid to use cursors because their bad performance

There is a way to do row-by-row operations without cursors

Have a look at the below:


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will definitely take a look at them. meanwhile i got the job done via select queries using subqueries and 'IN' clauses. :) –  Pankaj Kumar Dec 14 '11 at 11:37

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