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I am getting data from MongoDB and binding to a WPF datagrid.

My code selects multiple rows, retrieves IDs and updates the selected records:

var server = MongoServer.Create(this.connectionString);
var db = server.GetDatabase(DATABASE);
var viewTrue = db.GetCollection(RISKALERT_TBL);
var count = viewTrue.Count();
foreach (RiskSettings row in grdRiskAlerts.SelectedItems)
    viewTrue.Update(Query.EQ("ID",row.ID), Update.Set("View", "False"));

But it does not update the record.

I thought maybe is returning string and ID datatype is objectId.

This query is working for other datatype except the above case.

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To convert a string to an ObjectId, use the ObjectId.Parse(string) method.

Also try to match on "_id" rather than "ID".

So something like:

viewTrue.Update(Query.EQ("_id", ObjectId.Parse(row.ID)), Update.Set("View", "False")); 
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This only seems to work if the string is already an ObjectId. It doesn't seem to work for arbitrary strings. – Asad Saeeduddin Aug 12 at 14:45

I came across the same issue when setting up a public property for the ObjectID.

My property converted the ObjectID to a string, and back to an ObjectID using the following code snippet.

The ObjectID wasn't coming up as an option so I had to use the complete namespace, to access the .Parse() like this MongoDB.Bson.ObjectId.Parse

    public string Id
        get { return Convert.ToString(_id); }
        set { _id = MongoDB.Bson.ObjectId.Parse(value); }

Hope this helps!

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