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I should create a private plone site. I tried to read both the howto on both of the responses already made an identical request for this channel What is the best way to create a Plone private site but I have not found a solution.

I do not want to use (if possible) as a product but I'd only change the workflow or permissions.

I thought "enough" to set as the default workflow "intranet_workflow" where state internally_published permits "View" and "Access contents information" only to authenticated but, so 'doing, connect to my site only see a blank page (I tried it on a basic install version 4.1.2) and the user isn't redirect to the login form.

Thanks for any help Alex

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it "just works"(TM) like this:

  • create a new plone site
  • go to /@@types-controlpane and set the intrantet workflow as default workflow
  • and do not forget to apply changes.

after that, visiting the portal will redirect unauthenticated users to the login_form (i tested it with a plain plone4.1.3 site)

no idea why you just see a blank page. any add-ons or themes installed?

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Well, i try it on with a clean site. I will try it with a clean unified install on a machine ... perhaps there is a problem on Ploud Thanks – Alex Dec 14 '11 at 16:39
With a local fresh Plone 4.1.3 installation, it's works. Thank you ... probably there is a problem on – Alex Dec 15 '11 at 13:20

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