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I need a way to store this line:

nuke.execute("Write1", 1, 10, 1)

as a string but

"nuke.execute("Write1", 1, 10, 1)'"

obviously doesn't work, what does one do in this situation


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This is covered in elementary Python tutorials: – Emil Lundberg Dec 14 '11 at 12:03
point taken, i didn't realise how simple a question that was – jonathan topf Dec 14 '11 at 12:07
Anyway, +1 because the question is clear, and the answer is clear as well. So if somebody search this on Google, he/she will find it in seconds while it's not the case in the Python doc or tuto. Doesn't deserve a huge score, but a negative one seems too much for me. – e-satis Dec 14 '11 at 12:59

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Simply enclose it in single quotes:

'nuke.execute("Write1", 1, 10, 1)'

There are several alternatives, such as escaping the embedded quotes with backslashes:

"nuke.execute(\"Write1\", 1, 10, 1)"

or using triple-quoted strings:

"""nuke.execute("Write1", 1, 10, 1)"""


'''nuke.execute("Write1", 1, 10, 1)'''

You can read more about Python string literals in the manual.

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You can use single quotes:

'nuke.execute("Write1", 1, 10, 1)'

or you can use backslashes to "escape" the embedded quotes:

"nuke.execute(\"Write1\", 1, 10, 1)"
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You can escape the quotation marks using \:

"nuke.execute(\"Write1\", 1, 10, 1)'"
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What's wrong with 'nuke.execute("Write1", 1, 10, 1)'?

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