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I'm new to Yii.

Is it right to place registerCssFile call inside an action of controller?

My opinion is that right place for this is inside views

E.g I create some chunk of user menu and include it inside some of my views. I got separated css file for user menu and I don't want to care about including this user_menu.css inside each action or controller which view uses this user menu. So I use this code inside parts/user_menu.php view:

    Yii::app()->getClientScript()->registerCssFile(yii::app()->request->baseUrl.'/css/user_menu.css', 'screen');
<ul class="user-menu"> comes menu

Is it right or I must include this css file inside of each action or controller instead?

Maybe there are some style guides about this? Any links appreciated...

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I can't speak for an "official" right place, but I have a custom base Controller which all of my controllers extend. I place my global registerCssFile() calls in the init() method of this base controller, so they are automatically registered on the whole site.

If you are re-using partial view files a lot I could see registering the CSS in the view I guess but...

It probably makes the most sense to just included all the CSS for the whole site in the init() controller method, and then combine and compress it using extensions like these.

(Unless one view has a LOT of custom CSS not used anywhere else on the site, maybe.)

EDIT: As mentioned below by, using themes means you'll want to keep all CSS in your view/layout files, separate from the Controller code.

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Yes, I'm already include all everywhere-used css and js in init(), but I didn't know about compression extensions in Yii, thanks – llamerr Dec 14 '11 at 13:18
i was also using init (or beforeAction in main Controller) but i found this approach not flexible when you planning add themes to your site. If i must have include themes in yii app i put registerCss and registerScript directly into layout file, so switching between themes doesn't include unnecessary code and i doesn't need to think and add many IF statements in init "if (theme=='default') { /* register default.css / } else if (theme=='pink') { / register pink.css and register pink.js */}". – Dec 15 '11 at 17:58 Why think in terms of if (theme == 'default')? Why not just data dispatch? You can put the control of theme everywhere up to external configuration files for some preprocessor! – hijarian Oct 25 '13 at 18:18

First of all, if I were you, I would forget about registerCssFile completely and always used registerPackage only. This way you can swap your entire styling everywhere changing one string in one well-defined place.

Two options:

  1. You make the base class for your controller classes and put all of the register statements in beforeRender there. This way you'll need separate controller class for every section on the website which require different styling.

  2. You use modules. Then you go and place register calls in the init call of the module class.

Do not put registerCss calls in views ever. This will backfire at you very quickly. It does not matter whether you have small website or large one.

I personally prefer using beforeRender always, as this means that assets will be processed only for your "pages", that is, route responders which render something hopefully HTML-like to the client.

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