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I am looking on how to use Tornado on Windows. From my recent searches I saw that to use the full capabilities of Tornado, one needs to install pycurl which is not supported on windows since python 2.6.

Does anyone know which can be the impacts if Tornado is installed without pycurl and which functionality will be lost ?


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tornado provides a couple of asynchronous HTTP clients, one of which is pure python, and another that uses pycurl. In recent versions of tornado (2.0+) the pure python version is the default, and pycurl is only necessary if you explicitly try to use the CurlAsyncHTTPClient.

(The curl client is supposed to be faster and more robust in the face of bad HTTP, but when I tried to use it I'd get segfaults once in a while, so ya... it's not a critical part of tornado by any means; depending on your app you might not even need an HTTP client, and if you do and the default client is not good enough for whatever reason, you can always use a separate HTTP client, e.g. requests which is awesome and has support for asynchronous requests).

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