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We have following configuration in Apache httpd.conf:

<Location /app/srv>
   ProxyPass http://localhost:123/srv
   ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:123/srv

   Header edit Set-Cookie JSESSIONID srv.${ENV}.JSESSIONID
   RequestHeader edit Cookie srv.${ENV}.JSESSIONID JSESSIONID

#Following instructions do not work!
#ProxyPass /app/srv !
#ProxyPass /app !

<Location /app >
   ProxyPass http://localhost:123/app
   ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:123/app

   Header edit Set-Cookie JSESSIONID app.${ENV}.JSESSIONID
   RequestHeader edit Cookie app.${ENV}.JSESSIONID JSESSIONID

As far as I can see in case of request with context path /app/srv coockie JSESSIONID will be edited two times.
And in result will be renamed to srv.${ENV}.app.${ENV}.JSESSIONID

But I need to rename coockie to srv.${ENV}.JSESSIONID

I can see such behavior on one our testing box.
Is it possible to stop processing after "Location /app/srv" directive?

I tried to add instruction "ProxyPass /app/srv !" after directive "Location /app/srv" but it does not help.

I do not know what full context path could be for /app.
It could be /app/page1, /app/page2, etc.
I only know that there exist /app/srv and /app/something context paths.
And I would like to have different instructions for /app/srv and /app/something context paths.

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You should be able to use LocationMatch to get what you want like this:

<LocationMatch "^/app/?$" >

That should match /app and /app/ but not /app/srv.

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Actualy I do not know full context path for /app. It could be /app/page1. I only know that there could be /app/srv and /app/<something> context paths. And I would like to have different instructions for /app/srv and /app/<something> context paths. – Vladimir Bezugliy Dec 14 '11 at 13:11
In that case matching against ^/app/(?!srv) should match anything starting with /app/ but not followed by srv should match. – AVee Dec 14 '11 at 13:18

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