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I am creating a dialog for showing a progress of files' copying. What I want to do is to completely remove dialog's icon image.

I created such kind of dialogs before providing an application's instance of FrameView as an argument for JDialog's constructor like this:

public class MyAppView extends FrameView {

    // ...

    public void showOptionsDialog() {

        // Creating modal options' dialog
        JDialog optionsDialog = new JDialog(this, true);

        // ...

So, as I can see, I need a parent component to make my dialog with no icon. In my current case (when I have no parent frame view) I tried the following hack method setting a transparent icon but it doesn't work as I expect - I still see an empty area for an icon in dialog's title bar and (what's the worst) I still have a popup window when I click this area.

JFrame dummyFrame = new JFrame();
Image icon = new BufferedImage(1, 1, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB_PRE);
JDialog myDialog = new JDialog(dummyFrame, true);

Anyway, it must be possible to remove an icon. The working example is JOptionPane:

JOptionPane.showMessage(null, "My message");

Looking at JOptionPane's source code one can find that static Frame JOptionPane.getRootFrame() is used to get a parent for the calls when parent component is set to null:

public static Frame getRootFrame() throws HeadlessException {
    Frame sharedFrame = 
    if (sharedFrame == null) {
        sharedFrame = SwingUtilities.getSharedOwnerFrame();
        SwingUtilities.appContextPut(sharedFrameKey, sharedFrame);
    return sharedFrame;

So I've also tried to create my dialog as follows:

JDialog myDialog = new JDialog(JOptionPane.getRootFrame(), true);

but there is still no success. I have a standard Java icon when I try to apply this code snippet.

And my question is: what am I doing wrong? How to completely remove an icon of JDialog as it is done by JOptionPane?

P.S. I use JDK6.

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Maybe the following is more in the direction you want.

            JProgressBar pb = new JProgressBar();
            JOptionPane op = new JOptionPane(pb, JOptionPane.PLAIN_MESSAGE,
            JDialog dlg = op.createDialog(MyJFrame.this, "Progress");
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The solution is to make a dialog non-resizable and then it will be without an icon with any parent window.

JDialog myDialog = new JDialog(new Frame(), true);

Unfortunately, if your dialog is to be resizable there is no way to remove an icon except of setting a transparent icon.

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In netbeans with design options:

Image img = new BufferedImage(1, 1,BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB_PRE);
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This largely duplicates an existing answer from a few years back. Can you explain how this differs? – Nathan Tuggy Mar 30 '15 at 1:13

I have no problem with the icon (though JDK7 on WindowsXP). The popup menu on the icon I suppressed in the dialog with setFocusableWindowState(false).

The JFrame like your code:

public MyJFrame() {
    //URL url = this.getClass().getResource("transparent.gif");
    //if (url != null) {
    //    ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon(url);
    //    if (icon != null)
    //        setIconImage(icon.getImage());
    BufferedImage icon = new BufferedImage(1, 1, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB_PRE);
    //icon.setRGB(0, 0, 0x00000000);


    JFrame dummyFrame = new MyJFrame();
    JDialog myDialog = new JDialog(dummyFrame, true);
    myDialog.setIconImage(dummyFrame.getIconImage()); // Not needed.
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Is your dialog's title aligned to the left of the title bar? I see like there is transparent 16x16 icon on the left, so the title seems to be shifted to the right by the width of the icon. setFocusableWindowState(false) draws a title bar like it's inactive what is also not desired behavior. Please take a look at JOptionPane's dialogs - they appear like I want. – Ezze Dec 14 '11 at 19:29
Then my answer is no help. Besides setDecorated(false) and drawing the title bar oneself I think the answer is on another line. – Joop Eggen Dec 15 '11 at 7:47

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