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I have a tab item where i am currently loading a user control as item in a data template. I have two date pickers and a button. On click of this button i need to show a stack panel which in turn loads other controls. My problem here is though the click event has triggered and new data is available in a new object/ collection, upon assigning that to properties in view model is not updating the control with data. Also i unable to change the visibility of the panel. Here is the code :

The user control is a data template of tabitem and the tabcontrol itemsource bound to a collection. Since i was getting binding expression error when ever i tried to bind control with properties in my view model directly, what i did is created same properties in model class constructor and there i get/set value for the viewmodel properties. Currently the compiler shows no binding error if i bind properties defined in model class.

  <StackPanel Grid.Row = "0">
    <Button Grid.Column="4" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Content="Generate Graph"
            Width="140" Command="{Binding GenGraph}" />
  <StackPanel Grid.Row = "1" Visibility={Binding ShowReport">
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Does your ViewModel implement INotifyPropertyChanged? That interface is required if WPF is to automatically update the UI when properties change. Perhaps you can show us your ViewModel code. –  Rachel Dec 14 '11 at 13:53

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Is this a Cut and Paste? Because you're missing a closing "}" on your binding...

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Are they public properties that implement iNotifyPropertyChanged?

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Verify that the ShowReport property in your viewmodel is of type Visibility (not boolean)
All properties that you bind to in XAML must be available in the ViewModel class , the compiler will not show any error if they are not , also at runtime you will recieve no errors because of this , they just will not work.
Can you show more XAML/code for the other problem (controls inside stackpanel)?
I would be intrested in the view XAML and viewmodel code

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Its of type Visibility. –  sri Dec 14 '11 at 15:30

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