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I'm in the middle of applying caching to our enterprise API. I'm trying to achieve a Cache-Control of type "public, max-age=600" for compatibility with our Load Balancer which supports Reverse Proxy Caching.

However, I can only get WCF to output "private, max-age=600", which isn't right for the Reverse Proxy Caching.

I have the following profile set to location:Server (as I need ASP application level caching) but I have also tried all the other locations but none will give me Public.

  <outputCache enableOutputCache="true"/>
      <add name="CacheDefault" duration="600" varyByParam="none" location="Any" />

Im using standard WCF like this, nothing fancy:

    [WebGet(UriTemplate = "/GetData/{value}")]
    string GetData(string value);

I've even started a brand new WCF service project just to remove any confounding variables that may be in my current production code, but it still outputs private.

P.S. I should probably make it clear that I'm not looking to override the WebOperationContext.current.outgoingresponse.headers manually. I'm after a quick win with configuring the AspNetCacheProfile.

Any help would be great!

Many thanks!


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I came across different caching techniques. I posted some of those which i found to be useful here http://itswadesh.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/caching-in-asp-net/

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Sorry but that's not appropriate for this scenario. Many thanks, Oliver –  Oliver Tomlinson Dec 14 '11 at 13:12

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