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I have just installed CodeBlocks on my mac book air. My OS X version is 10.7.2. I have encountered some problems. Everytime when I select "Settings > Editor" and click "ok", my CodeBlocks crashed. And when I closed it, it pop up the message "The CodeBlocks terminated unexpectedly." (Sorry, I am not sure what the message of the English version is, because my locale is Traditional Chinese.) Does anyone knows what happend?

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I've got the same problems. However the thread Making compiler setting stick in Mac OS X showed me the way out. I figured out the 'wxSmith' plugins seem to be the source of my trouble. I disabled them under: Plugins > Manage Plugins

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I solved't disabling Code completion!

Step 1: Open Manage plugins...

Step 1: Open Manage plugins...

Step 2: Disable Code completion.

Step 2: Disable **Code completion**.

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