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I use four text boxes to capture data. I need to allow data to entered if at least one textbox is populated. I want to do this in client side, using javascript. I can do this server side. I don't wanna send a request to server for only this. I am not good at javascript.

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Validate your form onsubmit event.

Create a function that validate your fields and then return a boolean. If result is false the form will not be sand.

Example for validate funcition, this will return true only if your field text value has more then 10 chars.

function validate() {
    return document.form.fieldId.value.length > 10;

Try to use jQuery, its simpler to do this task like:

function validate() {
    return $("#fieldId").val().length > 10;

In the HTML form tag:

<form onSubmit="validate()">...</form>

You can customize the code to do other things, but this is the main idea.

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