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I want to costumize the Model generator/scaffolder that is used by rails e.g.:

rails generate model ModelName field:field_tyle,...
rails generate scaffold ModelName field:field_type,...

to pretend some areas and it should look like this when Im done cosutumizing the template.

class ModelName < ActiveRecord::Base





instead of:

class ModelName < ActiveRecord::Base

It was easy to find the View Templates used by the scaffolder but its not that easy to find the template for the Model. Where can I find it or is there "only" a generator for this and when how can I costumize it?

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there is a guide on customizing rails generators Rails Guides. File location you can check at Rails API just need to know class name also you can check nifty generators by Ryan Bates

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I had a similar issue it took some doing but this work for me.

The ActiveRecord model generator templates for Rails 3.1 go in: lib/templates/active_record/model/ This could be either model.rb, migration.rb or module.rb

I imagine that DataMapper or MongoMapper go in analogous locations. Hope this helps.

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