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I'm using jQuery to customize my own dropbox but was wondering how I could apply the tabindex to it.

I try to use the hidden select focus/blur event but doesn't seem to work.

I also try to apply a tabindex attribute to my customize dropbox (a div) but without success.

Can someone have a sample or a link to show me how I can achieve this?


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I'm not sure that I fully understand what you're going for, but perhaps this will get you started:

    if(e.which === 9){ //tab
        var selected = $('.selected');

        var tabIndex = +selected.attr('tabIndex') + 1; //plus sign at beginnign converts it to a number

        var next = selected.siblings('[tabIndex=' + tabIndex + ']');

        if(next.length > 0){ //if this element exists
            selected.siblings('[tabIndex=' + 1 + ']').addClass('selected'); //select the first one

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I image that you could have a variable - current selected item. You just catch user keyboard events and change the current selected item by adding/removing classes to corresponding div. When enter is pressed, call needed event based on the current selected item.

some kind of pseudo code:

var current = 0;

if(key = down){
    currentElemen =;

if(key = up){
    currentElemen = currentElem.previous();

if(key = enter){

Hope this gives you an idea!

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