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I'm using Entity Framework 4.2 CF with SQLite, but when i try to launch the application i got "CreateDatabase is not supported by the provider" error. This is my model mapping:

protected override void OnModelCreating(DbModelBuilder modelBuilder)
            #region NewsMapping

            modelBuilder.Entity<News>().HasKey(x => x.Id).Property(x => x.Id).HasColumnName("ID").HasColumnOrder(0);
            modelBuilder.Entity<News>().Property(x => x.Status).HasColumnName("STATUS");
            modelBuilder.Entity<News>().Property(x => x.NewsTitle).HasColumnName("NEWS_TITLE");
            modelBuilder.Entity<News>().Property(x => x.Content).HasColumnName("CONTENT_1");
            modelBuilder.Entity<News>().Property(x => x.IsImportant).HasColumnName("IS_IMPORTANT");
            modelBuilder.Entity<News>().Property(x => x.OrderNumber).HasColumnName("ORDER_NUMBER");
            modelBuilder.Entity<News>().Property(x => x.CreateDate).HasColumnName("CREATE_DATE");



What is wrong in this code?


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Nothing is wrong in the code. The error says exactly what is going on. Your EF provider for SQLite (System.Data.SQLite) doesn't provide database creation so you must create database and all tables manually before you launch the application.

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Ok i found the solution, the provider doesn't support "Database Creation", so i had to initialize it empty:

public EkosContext()
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How did you apply the model? – Spock Jun 5 '14 at 4:14

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