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When i try to import external framework (named Mappy), i git an error in the build and run phase:

Lexical or preprocessor issue
'MappyKit/MappyKit.h' file not found.

The obvious thinking say that the MappyKit.h file is missing. However, it does exist in the framework folder. So, please, what kind of issue is that? i am struggling with that for days.

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Usually it means just like the error says " 'MappyKit/MappyKit.h' file not found. " So import that file into your folders. Also make sure you are importing it correctly.

#import <something> 
#import "something"

Though I have had issues were it was working one build and then getting this error the next. Which i managed to clean my build and it fixed it.

To see if you actually connected the external frameworks, you can hover over #import <something> and hold down command->left click if that opens up your imported file, then you imported correctly!

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