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I have the following SQL Query that uses both a Union and "IN" Statement

select FirstName 
From Person
where Lastname in ('Smith','Jones')
and MiddleInitial In ('A','G','M',)


Select PersonFirstName as Firstname
FROM BusinessPerson
WHERE CorporateName in ('Jones','Thomas')
And CorporateDirection IN ('N','S')

I have a custom Object that includes PersonFirstName, LastName, MiddleInitial, corporateName and corporatedirection as properties.

I was trying to load the union unfiltered into memory once and then write linq queries off the collection rather than go to the database for every request.

Since I want to filter on properties of each object in the collection, I was trying to use the contains off each property but was not having much success.

I have a string array of Letters, and a string array of Names for some of my filters but failed to apply them corretly to a Linq query, and wasnt sure how I could get a contains to work with properties on the objects within the collection.

I was trying something like

string[] corporateNameCollection = new string[] { "Kmart", "Walmart" };

var filteredObject =  personCollection.Where(b=>b.CorporateName.Contains(corporateNameCollection ));  

Any suggestions on using the string array against properties on the collection object ?


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You want:

.Where(b => corporateNameCollection.Contains(b.CorporateName));

This is then saying does the corporateNameCollection contain each of the b.CorporateName. And should be translated to an IN in Linq-SQL.

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string[] corporateNameCollection = new string[] { "Kmart", "Walmart" };

     var filteredObject =  personCollection.Where(b=>corporateNameCollection.Contains(  b.CorporateName));

This should work.

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Have you tried checking if the string array contains an element matching CorporateName, like this:

string[] corporateNameCollection = new string[] { "Kmart", "Walmart" };
var filteredObject = personCollection
    .Where(b => corporateNameCollection.Contains(b.CorporateName));
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