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I'm using a labeled graph

typedef boost::labeled_graph<boost::adjacency_list<boost::listS, boost::listS, boost::undirectedS, Room, RoomEdge>,std::string> MyGraph;


struct LineSegment{
    LineSegment(QPointF startPos_, QPointF endPos_): startPos(startPos_), endPos(endPos_) { portalToRoom="";}
    QPointF startPos;
    QPointF endPos;
    QGraphicsLineItem* sceneItem;
    std::string type;
    std::string portalToRoom;

struct Room{
    Room(){centroid.setX(-1); centroid.setY(-1);}

    std::string category;
    std::string vertex_id;
    std::vector<LineSegment> roomLayout;
    QPointF centroid;
    QGraphicsRectItem* centroidSceneItem;

struct RoomEdge{
    std::string edge_id;

which lets me access vertices with string ids.

I add a vertex and set it's relevant fields this way:

MyVertex u = boost::add_vertex(id, g);
g[id].category = category; //crashes here
g[id].vertex_id = id; 

And remove them like so:

// First we remove all edges from this vertex
    if (QString(g.graph()[v].vertex_id.c_str()).compare(roomIdToBeRemoved) == 0){
        ve = v;
        BGL_FORALL_OUTEDGES(v, e, g, MyGraph) {

foreach(MyEdge e, ev){

// Then we remove the vertex itself

This so far seems to work. The trouble is, if I want to add a removed vertex once again with the same id, I get the following:


while setting the fields of the newly added vertex (above commented "crashes here").

What might be the reason? I'm using boost functions for removing/adding things.

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What is Room defined as? – Jeremiah Willcock Jun 30 '12 at 20:32
@JeremiahWillcock I've updated the question with the relevant information. – hakura Jul 3 '12 at 12:14
Have you tried a tool such as Valgrind or a debugger to find out what the code is trying to access incorrectly? – Jeremiah Willcock Jul 3 '12 at 20:10
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The crash is a result of a bug in the implementation of boost::labeled_graph. It's present both in Boost 1.54.0 and 1.55.0 (latest release). I reported it via Boost's Trac.

I managed to write a simple test case that reveals the problem. Running it through valgrind proves that the issue exists. I also created a simple patch that fixes the problem for my setting of boost::adjacency_list (see the bug report for all these files).

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