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I want to simulate push notification without using apn. I have tried to HOOK SBSystemLocalNotificationAlert and use

[objc_getClass("SBSystemLocalNotificationAlert") presentWithLocalNotification:notification application:bundle];

but it is just an alertview not like ios5 notification center, and it looks like ios4's push.

I want to simulate push notification (IOS5) for my daemon like MobileSMS.

sorry for my english

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If you want to simulate push notifications without APN service, you can try this library: https://github.com/acoomans/SimulatorRemoteNotifications

Works in the simulator too.

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That's a tough issue. I do not know whether it is possible (correct me guys if I am wrong).

However if you only need this for testing, you can use Parse.com for sending push notifications. Their basic service that includes push notification is for free and they deliver a working example code how to integrate.

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it's daemon,i can't use apn,SO i want HOOK the notification to simulate push notification. –  user1098120 Dec 15 '11 at 2:24

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