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Two important facts:

  1. This is what I mean by 'out of position':

enter image description here

  1. The div in question initially has style="display:none;" (it only shows when a link is clicked, JQuery solution). When that style is removed, the map works fine - however, I need that style because I can't allow that di> to show until the link is clicked (one of the links on the left in the screencap).

Can anyone suggest a way to make the map show properly?

If not, maybe you can suggest a way to make the di> show/hide when the links are clicked without having that style? Note that it is only one of seven divs that show/hide in the same way, so a solution would have to take that into account. This is the jQuery I'm using for each div (shows that div when link is clicked and hides all the others):

    <script type="text/javascript"> 
   $(function() {
       $('#show_mapa').click(function() {
           return false;
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When you initialize a google map inside a hidden div, this happens. You need to call a method on the map object after showing it to make it display correctly (onResize()).

how to deal with google map inside of a hidden div (Updated picture)

this might be of help.

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Thanks but I solved it myself. Removing the style from the div tag and instead calling a javascript function onLoad that does the same thing (document.getElementById('mapa').style.display = 'none';) and it works now. Not the most elegant solution, but I don't have time for elegance at the moment. –  robert Dec 14 '11 at 16:27

I remember I had the same problem and actually used the same fix danp suggested that is found here: how to deal with google map inside of a hidden div (Updated picture)

This is an alternative: You can always add a listener to observe a click on a link, that's called "Show me the map" or something. Then when the link is clicked, only then load a google map within a seperate div.

Personally I like the show/hide way much better with the onResize() fix, but you can try the alternative if you want.

Good luck!

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