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Does anyone know how or if it's possible to send an SMS message to/from a physical device (android phone) to from/to a virtual device? And test the radio on the physical device or test the radio on the virtual device.


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Don't think it's possible to send an sms from a real device to a virtual device. But it is possible to send an sms to a virtual device if you open a telnet session to it.

telnet localhost <port> //you can find the port in the title of your virtual device

and after you've opened the telnet session you can send an sms with:

sms send <numberfrom> <themessage>
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thanks; would you know how to test the radio on a device or on a virtual device? Or by sending a message via telnet (or port from avd to avd), does it use the radio interface layer (RIL)? that's what i'm really trying to get to. –  bertoe Dec 14 '11 at 18:33
Is there a way to receive texts, similarly? –  37coins Apr 17 at 4:03

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