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I use mkfifo to create a named pipe. Then I use the following program to open it. However, the program hangs at the line "fopen". Is there something wrong here?

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
char* line = "hello, world!";
FILE* fp = fopen("/tmp/myFIFO", "rw");
fprintf(fp, line);
return 0;
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Try passing "w" as the mode to fopen instead of "rw". You probably don't want to both read and write to the FIFO in the same process.

Some background on how FIFOs are opened:

Using open for read-only without specifying O_NONBLOCK causes a block until another process opens the FIFO for writing. Similarly, an open (without specifying O_NONBLOCK) for write-only blocks until another process opens the FIFO for reading.

If you pass O_NONBLOCK to open, opening for read-only returns immediately, but opening for write-only returns an error with an errno of ENXIO unless another process has the FIFO open for reading.

Info from "Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment" by W. Richard Stevens.

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The process blocks until the other end of the pipe gets opened.

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