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i am not able to figure how to set default month to 4 using select_month. not sure what i did wrong. thanks.

             :field_name => 'month', 
         :use_month_numbers => true, 
         :html_options => { :selected => '4'})
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I achieved this in my credit card form by using:

select_month 6, { add_month_numbers: true }

That renders with June as the default. I use this for rendering the users selected month when the cc form is re-rendered. I do not actually hard code that 6.

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I was able to get this simply by using the current date, works great on my credit card form:

select_month Date.today.month, {add_month_numbers: true}
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I think here you need to use Date.new(2011, 4) instead of Date.today to set a default

select_month(Date.new(2011, 4),  
             :field_name => 'month', 
             :use_month_numbers => true)
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yes, that works. thanks. –  user612308 Dec 14 '11 at 16:46

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