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while input procedure with 7 variables like this

Infile "C:\Users\Gila\Desktop\StatOrdinL2020\artiste1.txt" dlm="*" DSD;
LENGTH Artiste $ 25 titre $30;
Artiste $ Titre  Prix  Deces  Hauteur   Largeur  Medium;

this database

Abatucci Pierre*Derniers rayons*1200*1*55*84*5
Abatucci Pierre*L'entrée au château*1000*1*75*91
Agneessens Edouard*Jeune femme*6000*1*40*32*5

in the second lines there are only 6 variables and the third one will be skipped but it should not

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You can tell SAS to assign missing values when variables are missing by adding missover to your infile statement:

Infile "C:\temp\artiste1.txt" dlm="*" DSD missover;
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